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1967 GTO driveshaft length

Can anyone tell me the length of a stock driveshaft for a '67 GTO with Auto. I'm about to install a posi rear from a '64 GTO and it is aprox. one inch shorter from axle centerline to yoke than the '72 rear that I am pulling from the car. I'm curious to see if maybe this shorter driveshaft might still be usable for me.

How would someone normally determin the length if there were no driveshaft to start with? If only 3/4-1" were removed from the driveshaft the first time, could it possibly be long enough to use? I assume that there is some tolerance on the length.

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Re: 1967 GTO driveshaft length
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With the yoke in the transmission measure from the center of the u-joint to the center of the rear u-joint with the car weight on all four wheels, subtract .75 inch and that is the length you would want. If you already have a drive shaft, stuff it up in there and see how far it is from the rear u-joint saddle in the rear yoke, if it is within .5 to 1.0 inch it should be fine. A 'good rule of thumb' to follow is when the suspension and drive train are parallel the shaft needs no more than .5 to .75 inch to keep from binding or striping out. Hope this helps, Mike
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