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    Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
    (August 5th, 2017)
    Meeting called to order at 6:10 pm by our President, Ted Knapp, at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

    May’s Club meeting was attended by 23 members.

    There were no new members or guests at this Club meeting.

    Wally Santella provided the August 2017 Secretaries Report.  July’s Club meeting minutes were read to the membership and posted to our Website.

    Tom Willett provided the Treasurers Report ending July 31, 2017:

    Operating Account:  Beginning Balance – July 1, 2017           $3,404.01
    (#1390)                   Receipts:
    Member Dues……………………   48.75
    50/50 Raffle………………………   34.00
    Sponsors for XXX on 8-13-2017.      540.00
    Total Receipts:                                 $622.75

    Flyer’s (Pearson)…..……..…..…….  34.00
    Printing expenses (Romero)……….  80.28
    Total Disbursements:                    -$137.62

    Operating Account:   Ending Balance – July 31, 2017:            $3,889.14


    Convention Checking Account – #5694
    Beginning Balance: July 1, 2017:           $1,494.78
    Hotel refunds…….…………..…..   1,570.00
    Richand Park refund.……….……    500.00

    Total Receipts:                                $2,070.00
    Bank service charge   …..…….….       5.00
    Richland Park reserve for 2018…    100.00
    Total Disbursements:                     -$105.00

    Ending Balance – July 31st, 2017:           $3,459.78


    Convention Saving Account – #0389
    Beginning Balance – July 1, 2017:        $14,701.86
    Interest …………………………….   $1.22
    Total Receipts:                   $1.22

    None ………………….. ……………  $0.00
    Total Disbursements:                             -$0.00
    Ending Balance – July 31st, 2017:          $14,703.08
    None reported.

    There was no guest speaker of the month for this meeting.

    2017 GTOAA National Convention – Ted Knapp talked about our participation at this year’s 2017 GTOAA National Convention.  Ted reported that Ted, Wally Santella, Bob Stevenson, Bill Nelson and Steve Martin attended the Conference and called on these people to share their experiences of this year’s Nationals with the attendees.  Ted reported that there were 275 cars, with 72 of those in the Concours Show, which was held in the lower ballroom of the hotel.  Wally suggested that the show was well organized, good hotel, but not that much to see in Springfield, IL.  Bill Nelson thought the cars were packed into the Concours Ballroom to tightly to move around without bumping into some ones car.  Ted also reported that our Club did not win the Chapter of the Year award, which was a little surprising.

    Report: on the 2018 Tigers on the Columbia
    Ted Knapp addressed the membership on progress and activities to-date on our efforts to start preparing for the 2018 Tigers on the Columbia.  Ted says he has finalized contracts with the Shilo Inn and Marriott Courtyard in Richland for the 2018 event.  Ted blocked 25 rooms for each of Thursday and Sunday nights and 50 rooms for each of Friday and Saturday in both hotels, with a total of 300 room nights.  In comparison, we booked 165 in 2017. Ted reported that he has finalized contracts with the City of Richland for the use of Howard Amon Park and the Community Center, located within the Howard Amon Park, about 1 block south of Lee Blvd.  Ted says the Community Center has a room that can handle up to 200 people for our Banquet.  They will provide table and chairs but no table clothes.  Our total cost would be $350.  Ted says he is working with a local catering company to cater the Banquet.  Gary Tischer is focusing on locating an alternative track to host our drag racing as he was not happy with the level of organization at the Yakima Track this year.  Ted says he plans to reserve the same events for next year as we had for this year, including the Water2Wine Cruise, the Little Red Winery Tour Trolley and the Jet Boat tour for 2018.  Ted has also negotiated a contract with the Richland Red Lion to host the 2019 Tigers on the Columbia.  This contract can be cancelled with no penalty through July 1st, 2018.

    31ST Annual NW Muscle Car Meet at the XXX – Wally Santella went over the details of our preparations for this year’s NW Muscle Car Meet.  Wally reported the volunteer assignments and asked for 4 new parking crew volunteers as all 4 of the assigned volunteers reported back that they cannot be there this year.  Steve Martin, Bill Nelson, Ed Forsyth and Patrick Kinsella stepped up to fill this gap.  Wally requested that everyone be there by 7:00am.  Wally reported that he has already collected $1,090.00 in sponsorship money so far.

    Western Washington Firebirds All Pontiac Show – Ted Knapp & Wally Santella addressed the membership and asked them to attend this show to help support the Western Washington Firebirds in return for their support at the 2017 Tigers on the Columbia.

    2017 Mark Bilyeu Pontiac Picnic in the Park – Ted Knapp reminded the membership not to forget this year Pontiac Picnic in the Park on Saturday, August 26th, at Mud Mountain Dam.  Ted plans to provide smoked pulled pork sandwiches but he advised that attendees bring dishes and drinks.

    New Club Members – Tedd Knapp report that Wally Santella has added 7 new members to our Club as a result of our policy at this year’s Tigers on the Columbia event.  Ted explained that all Washington residents who are GTOAA members, but are not members of our NW GTO Legends, have been made honorary members for one year at no cost.  Our hope is that they will renew their membership at the end of this year.

    August Club Newsletter – Don Romero was recognized again for his continuing effort to publish our Club Newsletter each month with his latest addition for August.

    Our Club’s Current Revenues – Patrick Kinsella raised a question about our current Club revenues.  He suggested that we form a committee to look into and recommend donating some of our Club savings to.  Wally Santella spoke to Karen Noble who used to work at the Renton Technical Vocational School to have a spokesman come to our next club meeting to explain their program and their scholarship fund opportunities.  Wally and Ted Knapp also attended last year’s Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame Award Banquet and Induction Ceremony and made promises to look into our providing a scholarship to their Lake Washington Institute of Technology program.  Wally will contact a representative to also attend our Club Meeting and explain their program.

    Wally Santella reported that he is just about finished with the frame/chassis/suspension on the 1968 GTO Convertible Frame Off project that he is doing for Darin Warren.  Wally says he will be starting on the body next.

    50/50 Raffle:  A 50/50 raffle was held and Steve Ferkovich won, and collected $41 and $40 went to the Club.
    The Club’s Business Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm, by our President, Ted Knapp.  Our next meeting will be held at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA on September 2nd at 6:00pm.

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