Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(February 2, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

February’s Club meeting was attended by 33 members.

Keith & Anna Schmick
attended our February 2019 Club meeting as recently new members.  They were introduced by Wally and Keith spoke about his 69 GTO and his plans for the car.  Also attending as a current Club members was Lynette Thomas.  She was a special member, since she was one of the Club’s first member, along with here father “Rollie” back in 1982.

Wally Santella 
provided the Secretaries Report, covering the meeting minutes of the January 2019 Club meeting.

Tom Willett 
provided the February Treasurer’s Report, covering the details of the Club’s financial activities for the period of January 1st thru January 31st.

There was no Club
correspondence for this meeting.

2018 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) – Ted Knapp & Wally Santella presented thru Power Point slides and an online connection with our website the planning and launching of our efforts towards this year’s Tigers on the Columbia event.  Ted presented slides of the events and activities that will make up the event and logged on our website and showed that we have opened up online registration for the event as well.  Ted and Wally walked the attending members thru the online registration process to show how easy it will be.  Wally passed out copies of this year’s Tigers on the Columbia flyers to those members that will in turn pass them out to Pontiac owners who may be at car show events that they plan to attend during the next two months. This year’s Tigers on the Columbia will feature more focus on the Richland Dairy Queen Cruise-in and a new activity on Sunday the 26th, the Yakima to Ellensburg Picnic/Cruise. A discussion about improving the Tigers event T-shirt for 2019 was led by Ed Forsyth and Gary Tischer to improve sales over previous years.  Ed presented copies of an artist rendering of a Indian chief with a full feathered bonnet, with feathers containing the name of a Pontiac model, such as “Tempest”, or “Catalina”, etc. Wally will take this rendering to a graphic artist to produce a production ready graphic in color to for membership approval and for Jack Borell to use for his 2019 Tiger’s T-shirt merchandise order.  Jack will also review productions costs related to this design from our T-shirt vendor and make order suggestions at next month’s Club meeting.    

2019 Club Membership Update – Wally Santella
gave the attending membership an update of the status of the 2019 Club dues renewal effort.  This includes 91 members who have already paid their 2019 dues and 11 more who have been communicated with and are sending their dues renewal checks.  This is expected to put our 2019 NW GTO Legends Chapter at 102 members.  Wally also announced that Barbara Brazil, who has been working with him on this process, will take over this responsibility for managing the Club dues renewal process in 2020. 

Club Scholarship Update – Tom Willett gave the membership an update on our Technical School Scholarship efforts. The Club still has one more scholarship commitment that has not quite occurred yet. Sometime this summer, Tom will present the Lake Washington Technical College with a $2000 Scholarship donation. 

2019 NW GTO Legends Formal Club Events – Ted Knapp and Wally Santella
announced this year Club hosted events, which include:  (1) Tigers on the Columbia = May 24th – May 26th, (2) NW American Muscle Car Meet (XXX) = August 11th, (3) Pontiac Picnic-in-the-Park (Mud Mountain Dam) = August 24th, (4) NW American Muscle Car Show (Griot’s) = September 8th and (5) 33rd Annual NW GTO Legends Xmas Banquet (Burien Elks Club).  Bob Weiss has been reviewing possible alternatives to the 13 Coins venue for this year’s Xmas Banquet location and has 4 possible candidates that he reviewed with the attending membership.  Based on cost, location, space and quality of food, Bob is leaning towards a private catering firm, ACT 3 Catering. and the Burien Elks Club as the venue.  Bob will take a more detailed look at the details, including asking ACT 3 Catering if not being able to use the Elks Kitchen would cause a problem for them and report further at the Club’s next meeting in March.  Ann Santella will review the Catered Dinner Menus from ACT 3 and recommend  a number of the offerings for membership consideration.

Additional Club Activities for 2019 – Ted Knapp reviewed additional possible Club activities with the membership: (1) Ted identified additional car cruises and asked for updates on this possible activity from Greg Amundson and Bill Nelson.  Greg talked about a possible 2-day trip to Wilson Oregon, that would include a visit to Speed World attraction and some possible drag racing at the Portland Drag Racing track, (2) Drag Racing – Ted asked Gary Tischer for any progress on this possibility and Gary will talk again to a representative of Pacific Raceways and see if he can get him to our March Club meeting to provide suggestions on how we can accomplish this.  (3) Tour of Private Collections – John Pearson provide input on this activity and ruled out two previous possibilities but will contact Ault Electric in Tacoma about another possible visit.  (4) Detailing Clinic – Ted suggested that we may want to do this before one of our car show events and also suggested that we have a Griot’s Detail at this year’s Tigers on the Columbia and Wally Santella reported that he has already made that pitch to Guy Devivo at Griot’s and he is working on permission from his boss to to do this.  (5) Safety Car Inspection – Ted brought this possibility up and Wally suggested that we need to tie down a location and date and he would coordinate this with Don Amundson and make this happen.  (6) Ted suggested other possible event/activities and the Gardner’s and Tom Willett suggest possible visit to the Renton Highlands area to Jim Blodgett’s house and the house of a friend of the Gardner’s that has a small collections of cars.

Wally Santella
provided a quick update on the 68 GTO Convertible Frame-Off that he is working on.  He has completed panel fit modifications and will start disassembling for final blocking and color and clear.

50/50 RAFFLE:
A 50/50 Raffle was held and Lynette Thomas won $57 and $57 went to the Club. 

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:45pm by our President, Ted Knapp.  Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Burien on March 2th, 2019, at 6:00pm.