Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(January 2, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

January’s Club meeting was attended by 13 members.

There were no new members or guests at the January Club Meeting.

Gary Tischer (in Wally Santella’s absence) read the December 2018 Club Meeting Minutes, which were limited due to the Club 2018 Xmas Banquet that was part of this meeting/gathering.

Ted Knapp (in Tom Willett’s absence) read the Treasurers Report, identifying the Club’s Combined Liquid Assets at $17,645.32, which does not include a recent $2,500 payment to the Renton Vo-Tech Scholarship Program and a recent deposit made by Wally Santella of approximately $700.00.   

There was no Club correspondence for January 2019.

2018 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) – Ted Knapp outlined the Sunday Picnic/Cruise that will leave Richland about 09:30am and drive to the Playland Riverside Park in Selah (Yakima), arriving around 11:00am.  Lunch will be deliverst at noon by a local BBQ place.  Total cost will be about $15/person.  The group will leave the park around 2:00pm and drive throught the Yakima River Canyon, arriving in Ellensburg around 3:00pm.  A cocktails/dinner will be held at one of the local restaurants.  Hotel rooms have been reserved at the Ellensburg Hampton Inn for those who choose to stay in Ellensburg overnight before completing their return home.

No old business was discussed at this Club meeting.

2019 Planned Club Activities:
  – Tigers on the Columbia:  May 24th/25th/26th
  – XXX Muscle Car Meet:  August 11th
  – Pontiac Picnic-in-the-Park:  August 24th
  – Griot’s NW American Muscle Car Show:  September 7th
  – 2019 Club Xmas Party:  December 7th  (Note: Bob Weiss will look into a possible SeaTac/Southcenter  venue that he has in mind for this year’s event.  Bob will f/u with details.) 

Other possible Activities:
 – Car Cruise(s): Bill Nelson and Greg Amundson agreed to head up a plan for one or two additional car cruises this year.
 – Drag Racing: Gary Tischer has agreed to plan a drag racing event for this year.  He will invite a Guest Speaker at our March Club Meeting from Pacific Raceway to discuss our options for doing this.
– Car Safety Inspection: We will need to find a location and date for Don Amundson, a Washington State Safety Inspector, to lead this effort. 
– Detail Clinic at Griot’s:  Several Club members have expressed an interest in doing this type of activity again.  This should probably be scheduled sometime before our car show events.
– Hold a Club meeting at other locations this summer, such as the XXX Drive-In, in Issaquah.
– Tour Private Car Collections: This should probably be scheduled for sometime during the wet months, before our car shows.

 – Gary Tischer provided some tips on how to get exhaust manifolds bolts off using heat.

50/50 RAFFLE
– Our 50/50 Raffle was held and once again (for the umpting time) was won by Ed Forsyth.  Ed pocketed $25 and $25 went to the Club.

Meeting Adjourned:
The Club’s Business Meeting was adjourned at 7:00pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp.  Our next meeting will be held at the Round Table Pizza, in Burien, WA, on February 2nd, at 5:00pm.