Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(July 7, 2018)

Meeting called to order at 6:15pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp at the Round Table Pizza in Burien, WA.

July’s Club meeting was attended by 27 members and two new members.

Jay & Jeannie Holman
attended our July meeting and joined our Club as new members.  Jay owns a 66 GTO 4-speed convertible.

 Wally Santella read the meeting minutes for the 2018 June Club meeting and July’s Club meeting minutes will be posted the Club website.

In Tom Willett’s absence, Wally Santella gave the July Treasurers Report, ending on June 30th and provided details on financial transactions and balances for the Club’s 3 Bank Accounts.

Ted Knapp gave a recap of his observations after attending the conference. Ted presented a PowerPoint with photos of the Convention.  Ted reported that the Convention was well run with a large facility for parking concourse cars (they have 100+ concourse cars), and for parking the Popular Vote Show.  They paid $22,00 for the facility and raised $20,00 in sponsor money to basically cover the facility cost.  Ted did not think they had much in the way of activities, with just one short Valley Forge trip and their signage was not very good.  Ted reported that they had a fair amount of GTO’s and some “other Pontiacs”, featuring a motor cycle with a 65 GTO rear end.  Ted says they had a lot more swap meet vendors then we had, but cut corners on a lot of things such as plastic plates and bad food.  Tom Oxler retired as President of the GTOAA and Vic Schreck replaced him as the new President.

There was no Club correspondence for the month of July.

asked for status on the Club’s new policies and procedures for donations and Wally Santella responded that he will be adding them to the Club’s By-laws in July.

2018 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Recap – Ted Knapp provided another financial recap on this year’s Tigers on the Columbia event.  Based on Tom Willett’s calculations, Ted reported a starting balance of $1,296.27, receipts of $3,350.21 (+ $75.00), and disbursements of $1,837.62, leaving a net profit of $2,883.86.  Ted explained that we have secured contracts with the Red Lion, Shilo Inn, Marriott, and the Howard Amon Park for our 2019 event.  He explained that we are planning on another Wine Tour, Dinner Cruise and are looking for another activity to take the place of the Jet Boat Cruise, which went out of business.  Gary Tischer will pursue conversations with the two drag strips this summer in hopes of getting something in place for 2019.  Ted also explained that he and Wally are reviewing a contract with the Red Lion for 2020 that would lock up this venue with no obligations, in case we wanted to go somewhere else.

Ted Knapp
reminded the membership of a number of car shows and other events that are coming up in the July/August/September period:POCI All Pontiac Show, July 14 at Griots Garage, 32nd Annual Northwest Muscle Car Meet, August 12th, at the XXX Drive In, Western Washington Firebirds All Pontiac Show, August 19th, Mark Bilyeu Memorial Pontiac Picnic in the Park, August 25th, at the Mud Mountain Dam, and the American Muscle Car Show, September 8th, at Griot’s Garage   

Barbara Brazil
has volunteered to contact the two vocational schools, get enough information and produce an analysis for the membership to look at and make a decision on which or both and how much we want to donate towards a scholarship program.

No Shop Talk was reported for this Club meeting.

50/50 RAFFLE:
John Pearson
won $50 and $50 went into the Club coffers.

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 7:45pm by our President, Ted Knapp.  Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza in Burien on August 4th, 2018, at 6:00pm.