Northwest Legends Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
(September 27, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by our Club President Ted Knapp at the residence of Wally Santella, in SeaTac, WA.

The 2019 Board of Directors meeting was attended by the four current Club Officers, Ted Knapp, Gary Tischer, Wally Santella and Tom Willett.  It was also attended, by Board invitation, by Bill Nelson and Bob Stevenson (as candidates for the office of President and Secretary in 2020) and by John Lund, Barbara Brazil (Barbara could not make this meeting), David & Melinda Gail, and Jim Braden as Appointed Positions of Responsibility by the Board of Directors.

The stated objectives of this Board of Directors meeting were (1) To identify and introduce the recommended New Club Leadership Team for 2020, (2) To formally introduce the G-Man Club Management System to the Club’s Officers and their Appointed Positions of Responsibility, and (3) To identify and value the Club’s current assets:

(1.1) New Officer Candidate:  Ted Knapp introduced Bill Nelson as a new candidate for the office of President in 2020.  Bill’s duties and attributes were discussed and Bill will be nominated as a candidate for the office of President at the October Club Meeting.
(1.2) New Offer Candidate:  Wally Santella introduced Bob Stevenson as a new candidate for the office of Secretary in 2020.  Bob’s duties and attributes were discussed and Bob will be nominated as a candidate for the office of Secretary at the October Club Meeting.
(1.3) Appointed Position – G-Man Administrator: John Lund – The Board has appointed John Lund as the CLub’s              G-Man Administrator for 2020, with the primary responsibility for the use and application of the G-Man Management Information System in its support of the events, activities and resources of the Northwest GTO Legends Club.
(1.4) Appointed Position – Membership Manager: Barbara Brazil – The Board has appointed Barbara Brazil as the Club’s Membership Manager for 2020, with the primary responsibility for recording all new club applications and club member dues renewals in the G-Man system and communicating these actions and records to the Club Secretary.
(1.5) Appointed Position – Club Newsletter Editor/Publisher: Melinda & David Gale – The Board has appointed Melinda & David Gale as the Clubs Newsletter Editor/Publisher for 2020 with the responsibility for gathering information for newsletter, for editing the content, for formatting it for publishing and to have it printed and delivered to all interested parties, including our active members and other clubs participating in the Club Newsletter Exchange Program.  The delivery of the Club Newsletter will be accomplished by email and by snail mail.
(1.6) Appointed Position – Club Event Coordinator Team: Wally Santella/Ted Knapp/Jim Braden – with the primary responsibility for planning, defining, staffing, supplying and managing all Club sponsored events, in close liaison with the G-Man Administrator.  This includes hotel contracting, securing show venue locations, establishing event related activities & tasks, securing sponsorship’s, building event volunteer teams, establishing car competition classes and advertising, communicating and marketing the events. 
(2.1) G-Man Club Management System:  G-Man was formally introduced to the Board and the invited attendees as the Northwest GTO Legend’s official automated management system.  The technologies that it is built on, the modules that make up its functional support (Membership Management, Event Management, Reporting, Purchase Management and Administration) were discussed and explained.  The Site License arrangements for the Club were discussed, including the plan to provide this license to the Northwest GTO Legends at the cost of $1.00.  Also, the G-Man system’s benefits were identified and explained.
(3.1) Northwest GTO Legend’s Assets:  The Club’s current asset values, both actual and potential were identified were identified as (A) G-Man Management System Site License = Asset Value: $10,000, (B) Cub Computer Equipment = Asset Value: $3,200, (C) Club Sponsors (29 active sponsors and 4 active hotel contracts produced $6,750 in 2019 to offset the costs associated with our 3 car show events, (D) Club Event Participants in 2018 produced $5,040 in car show registrations.  Their potential value, based on 104 Club Members & 166 Non-Member participants, at 100% attendance in our 3 yearly car show events could amount to $16,200, (E) Yearly Club Dues (104 active members) = $1,560, and (F) Current Club Bank Account Assets = $18,219.71.  This adds up to a potential Club Asset Value of $44,770.00.

Wally Santella
raised a motion to the Board to “Formally accept the G-Man Organization Management System as the Club’s automated system for managing its members, sponsors, vendors, events, and event participants.”  This motion was discussed and the Board raised some questions about the system and its use:  (1) Is the Club locked into this system solution?  Answer: No, they will own a copy of the source code, which will allow the Club to get support and enhancement services from any software development firm if they are not satisfied with Tellacon Consulting (the owner of the intellectual property called G-MAN GROUPWARE MANAGER).  Currently, the Clubs copy is hosted by Tellacon Consulting on servers that are at the Digital Ocean facility, which is located in San Francisco, CA.  (2) Who owns the Club’s website?  Answer:  The intellectual property that is represented by the Club’s website pages is owned by Tellacon Consulting and the costs for hosting it are and have been paid by Tellacon Consulting in order for Tellacon to have control over the content, design, and maintence of the Club’s website.  The Club is free to end their relationship with Tellacon at any time they are dissatisfied, and secure the services of another software company and another hosting service firm.  Does Tellacon have any backup information about the Club’s website in case anything every happens to Tellacon Consulting?  Answer: To be secured from Lonnie Santella after consultation with him.  After these discussion, a vote on approving the motion was asked for and secured by a majority vote from the Directors.

Tom Willett asked about the possibility of an enhancement to G-Man to either (1) change the process for how the credit card transaction that is generated and passed to our Merchant Account so that it has, based on the event that it is associated with, the ability to be deposited into the specific Club bank account that it should be deposited to, or (2) to carry some type of event code, so that later on, when Tom reviews the transaction, he can determine what account to move it to.  Wally will confirm with Lonnie whether this can be accomplished and what the effort would be to do this enhancement.

A question was raised about the possibility of removing the serialized voting ballot from G-Man and replace it with non-serialized voting ballot.  This will also have to be discussed with Lonnie Santella before resolution. 



The club’s 2019 Board of Directors business meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm by our President, Ted Knapp.