Northwest Legends Club Meeting Minutes
(July 6, 2019)

Meeting called to order at 6:00pm by our Club President, Ted Knapp at Jim Blodgett’s house in Maple Valley, WA.

July’s Club meeting was attended by 27 members & 2 guests.

This meeting was attended by 2 guests, Paul and Jean Dempsey, who are going to join our Club.


Wally Santella read the July Secretaries Report and June’s meeting minutes were posted to the Club Website.

Tom Willett presented the July Treasures Report and provided the Club’s financial details for the period of June 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2019.

again reported an email he received from Cole Lever.  Cole has a business called WhereiPark, that has a bunch of garages available in Seattle for the purposed of storing classic cars.  If you are interested, you can contact Cole at (415) 906-2226 and his email address is  Wally also shared an email that the Club received from Richard Gyolai who lives in Michigan and is trying to track down a 65 GTO that he restored and sold and he thinks is now in Washington.  Richard says its a red, 389, tri-power, stick and if anybody thinks they have it or know where it is to let him know and he will share the VIN Number and pictures.  The last correspondence came from Terry Boeckel who was inquiring if any of our members would be interested in going to “Hot Nite in the City”, in Kamloops on August 9th thru 11th.  If anyone is interested, they can contact Terry at 503 659-7790.  

2019 TIGERS ON THE COLUMBIA (TOTC) Recap – Ted & Wally provided a recap of the numbers of registrants (88), registered cars (79), revenues of $14,442, expenses of 11,035 and an projected profit of $3,406.90.  Ted updated the membership on our progress of 2020 and 2021 preparations, including the signing of main venue hotel contracts with the Richland Red Lion for 2020 and 2021. 

2019 Club Christmas/Banquest/Meeting – Bob Weiss updated the membership that he will need our banquet meal choices 2 months before the December 7th event date.

Tom Willett
reminded our membership again about the July 7th, Historic Car Races.  People attending will have the opportunity to take their car out on the track for a couple of laps at 12:00pm.  Tom also talked about the Mercer Island Festival on July 14th, where they drive around the island.

Steve Martin, who attended the 2019 GTOAA Nationals provided a recap for the membership.  Steve said the weather was hot, the concourse cars were parked in one of the hotel lobbies, the popular vote show took place in the parking garage, across from the hotel.  Steve said the banquet was one of the biggest he has every attended.  Steve talked about the GTOAA’s decision to begin hosting all National conventions after next year because they have recognized that only a few GTAOAA Chapters are capable of doing this job.  Lastly, Steve was very happy to announce that his 69 convertible won Concourse Gold!  


Ted Knapp reminded the membership of some up and coming dates, POCI Pontiac Show – July 19th, NW GTO Legends’ NW Muscle Car Meet – August 11th, Pontiac Picnic in the Park – August 24th, and the Club Xmas Banquet – December 7th. 
John Pearson request 300 copies of our two muscle car show fliers.
Greg Amundson talked about the possibility of a car caravan to the east side of Mt Saint Helens. 

SHOP TALK:  Wally Santella reported that there has been no progress on his 68 GTO Convertible restoration project since he hurt his leg.
Tom Willett talked about getting his 65 GTO worked on by a mechanic friend of Jim Blodgett, who Tom says did a very good job and was quit reasonable with the cost.

50/50 RAFFLE:  Delores Forsyth’s sister won $70, and $70 went to the CLub.

The club’s business meeting adjourned at 8:30pm by our President, Ted Knapp.  Our next meeting will be at the Round Table Pizza, in Burien, on August 3rd, at 6:00pm.